Life of a Blogger

Today we had off and on again rain, so I used the time to make notes for future blogs. Now, I think I’ll take a little nap. If I’m really lucky, maybe Dad will post them for me….just hope he doesn’t take credit for them !

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How to deal with a tough day !

After a hard day of blogging, sometimes you just need the Sunday paper and your slippers.

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What was the Judge thinking ?

Just read an article where a lawyer threatens to shoot two people, owns 2 handguns,is arrested by police, and the judge lets him out on a $1,000 bond.  

Does anyone else see something wrong with this ?



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State Fair Day

When Mom and Dad got home from the beach, they started talking about State Fair Day. Dad explained that they were grilling sausages,peppers and onions for a sandwich much like you could get at a State Fair. Dad set the grill up for direct high heat ( the 3 second test ) while Mom sliced the onions and peppers. This time Dad used the new Kettle Grill Topper Mom had bought which looks like a half-moon tray. He placed this on half the grill so that he could cook the peppers and onions without worrying about them falling through the grill bars. When the grill was ready, everything went on at once since the cook time was 12-14 minutes for everything. Everytime Dad turned the sausages they sizzled and smelled delightful. When the onion slices were translucent and the peppers nicely charred, Dad cleared the grill and began lightly toasting the rolls. When they were done, Mom added slices of Provolone cheese and they began making their sandwiches. While they were eating, they would occasionally toss Cleo and me pieces of sausage and cheese. Wow, what a taste ! I can see why they like State Fair Day. All meals should be just CAT SIMPLE !


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CT’s Double Standard on Gambling

The other day, Mom and Dad returned from the local Stop & Shop , and Dad was ranting about CT’s double standard on gambling after seeing the lottery machines they have at the end of the checkout aisles. Gambling is illegal in the state, unless it’s at the casinos, or its sponsored by the state and called a lottery game. But, if it’s in a grocery store it must be safer to play vs casino games..Right ?

Imagine my surprise when I learned that the house advantage for the lottery is 50% vs  Roulette @ 5%. Dad explained that the house advantage is the amount kept by the house for every dollar wagered, with the remainder spread among the winners. “But if the state is against gambling, isn’t it wrong to restrict the high payout games to the casinos and offer easy access to the public of the worst payout game ?” I asked. “Congratulations!” Dad exclaimed. “You now understand the double standard.”

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Fan vs A/C

Today was a scorcher outside, and yet with the windows and screen door to the deck open, it was comfortable with the fan on….even for those of us in cat suits. I asked Dad why we weren’t using the A/C like the others in our condo group….you could hear their units buzzing and whirring all day and night. He showed me an article he found that said running a central air unit cost .36/hour, while a ceiling fan only consumed .01/every 3 hours. Using  my simple cat math, I calculated that you could save $100+/month using a fan—-its just CAT SIMPLE.


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Sasco Beach Day

Mom and Dad went to the beach the other day and what began as a great day turned into a study in rudeness. As always, they picked out their place in the sand away from others so that they did not infringe on people who were already enjoying a nice beach day. Within a few minutes of settling in their chairs, a mom with 2 kids setup her blanket within a few feet of them, and then began talking on her phone, while her sons began tossing a frisbee. Soon other moms came and repeated the process. When Mom and Dad left, they looked at the beach and it was virtually empty….except for the area where they had been. Fairfield prides itself on its education system. Maybe they should add a class in proper beach etiquette.

When you go to the beach, be considerate of others….its just CAT SIMPLE !

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